Dark Souls III is developed by From Software, published by Bandai Namco Entertainments. Game was released worldwide in the year 2016 for Play Stations,Xbox One and also for Windows. Dark souls III is the fastest selling game in the Bandai Namco history.

At current time its three versions are already released in the market and may be next will come soon. All of three parts are very amazing but last part is preety much good than others. Now, discussion about dark souls 3 keyboard and mouse is given below read it carefully.

dark souls 3 keyboard and mouse

Now here we are going to talking about 3rd series of Dark Souls

Dark Souls III comes in three edition:

1. DARK SOUL III – Season Pass
2. DARK SOUL III – Ashes of Ariandel
3. DARK SOULS III – The Ringed City

Graphics and Performance

The PC version of Dark Souls III uses Bloodborne Engine.This taking some times to load in PS4 but in you can easily get best from your PC for playing this game, you don’t need any heavy or monster pc to play DS3.
The engine used to as low as 20FPS in multiplayer for running this game and its performance analysis is done by a  German website, says that the game is locked at 60FPS . So you don’t have any need to buy a heavy processor or graphic card.
dark souls 3 keyboard and mouse
In GTX 770 game can work properly and 60 FPS is enough setting for good graphics experience. You can also play this game on 50FPS average, at this rate game also working properly. 

Is it easy to play Dark Souls 3 with keyboard and mouse?

Dark souls 3 keyboard and mouse

To play dark souls 3 with  keyboard and mouse it is good but I recemmend you to play it with controller or if you are able to buy a steam controller,it gives you a great feeling and experience.

When you are playing it with keyboard and mouse according to me get frustated or not playing well due to pressing different or more than one keys at a time.

I play with controller and with mouse also but in case of mouse  at 1600 DPI and in case of lowest sensitivity camera moved too much fast, which is not much comfortable.

  • Frame rate is lagging sometimes when we are playing it on PS4 but in PC there is no one this kind of issue.
  • Difficulty level is increasing gradually when your are going from one to next level and you may be frustated.
  • At some points we felt the fan-service was slightly over the top.I think this is a little bit bad thing in this game

Dark Souls control mod

You must have to know about the keys and controls of  Dark Solus III Keyboard and mouse :

W=Forward A=Left S=Backward D=Right

Space = Dodge, Jump
Hold left Alt =Sneak and Walk

W + SHIFT + Left mouse button= Jump attack
W + Left mouse button = Kick

Left ctrl =  Weapon arts
Left Click = Attack

Shift + Left click = Strong attack

 Pros and cons

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  • Bloodborne engine performance rate is very good
  • Multiplayer connection is fast
  • Includes a GUI for easy configuration
  • Abilities are very amazing


  • FPS lagging sometimes
  • Fan-service was slightly over the top